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Current Lab Members

Bradleigh Cocker (PhD student)

Jacob Leese (PhD student)



Dr Rahul Sharma (Research Fellow)

Matthew Dooley (PhD student)

Peter Harrison (PhD student)


Previous Lab Members


Dr Andrew Peel (Group Leader)


Lecturer in Animal Biology, School of Biology

BSc, Edinburgh; PhD 2006, Cambridge


Research Interests


Evolutionary Developmental Biology in Animals


I am interested in how animal evolution occurs at different levels of biological complexity; i.e. genetic, cellular, organismal and ecological. My research efforts to date have focused on understanding how diversity in animal body plans evolved.  Animals obtain their species-specific morphological characteristics during embryonic development and/or metamorphosis. My work therefore compares the genetic and cellular mechanisms controlling embryogenesis in different animal species in order to identify the molecular changes that underpinned divergence in animal body plans during evolution.


Contact details:

Miall 8.22 | +44(0) 113 34 32822 |  

Email - a.d.peel[at]

Peel Laboratory

 for Evolution & Development

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