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Our Lab at the Discovery Zone, Leeds Science Festival

Leeds Festival of Science is a four-week programme of science activities for young people aged 9 to 19. The University holds this event annually. This year our lab and our beetles made their first successful appearance. Learn more about this event here.

Students could observe live embryos of a GFP strain, fixed elongating embryos stained for gap genes, live pupae eclosion and search the flour for larvae and pupae.

Students appeared genuinly interested and enthusiastic about the bug's life ;) Some of our favourite comments : ''It looks like it's in an ancient coffin!'' (commenting about the last stage of embryonic development, right before hatching occurs), ''That's sick bro!'' (we were informed of the recent change in definition of the word ''sick'').

#discoveryzone #scienceleedsfestival #peellab #triboliumcastaneum

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